Seltser & Goldstein has an 80-year history of representing homeowners in lightning strike claims. Our 20-person team is available immediately to assist homeowners in their recovery within hours after lightning strikes. We know what you need to do to recover fully for your losses.

How to Increase Your Recovery

The saying, “When lightning strikes,” conveys the unexpected nature of the event and the extensive damage it causes. Lightning, which seemingly comes out of the blue, burns every area it penetrates. Furthermore, the lightning strike can trigger fire or damage pipes and roofs, resulting in water damage.

You should submit your insurance claim immediately to avoid delays in obtaining important resources to repair or rebuild. Seltser & Goldstein responds quickly to start your claim and then pushes it through the process so you can get your full compensation as soon as possible.

Accurately Assessing Your Damages

After a lightning strike to your home, you might initially feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, Seltser & Goldstein is available 24/7 to take your call. Our public adjusters are methodical and thorough about assessing your damages and managing your claim. For example, we assess:

Handle all Emergency needs such as board up or water extraction

Room-by-room damages related to the lightning strike

Damages caused by fire, water, storm, or other events related to the lightning

Valuation of personal property and costs of replacement at market prices

Costs of repairing the lightning damage to your real estate

If you need to rebuild your home, an estimate of anticipated construction costs

Expenses you incur while living temporarily elsewhere

A full accounting of any other damages

Contact Seltser & Goldstein to Recover After a Lightning Strike

If your home was hit by lightning, you can start processing your insurance claim immediately. Contact Seltser & Goldstein online or by phone at 1-800-PUB-ADJS to review your claim options. We are ready to take your call 24/7.