OUR Technology

Mavic Pro Drone

Seltser and Goldstein uses Mavic drone to take high-resolution photos to assess damages to roofs or hard to see areas of the property. This helps adjusters determine damage in order to accurately maximize your insurance settlement.

Our mission statement stays true today and we also have implemented advanced technologies and techniques for delivering the highest quality of representation.

Encircle Inventory Software

We also use Encircle which allows us to create a full inventory list inside the home. We inventory every affected item in your home and create a master list for you to review. From ballpoint perns, antiques, paperback books, to bedroom sets Seltser and Goldstein understands everything has a value.

Matterport Virtual Imagery

We use a technology called Matterport which scans the house and takes 360 degree images to reconstruct the damages. This allows us to properly recreate the damages by having the entire property at our fingertips back at the office.


Here is an example of our work product. Creates a 3-D blueprint of your home:

Hover 3D

HOVER generates the most accurate measurements (and a whole lot more) from a few photos of your home. Seltser and Goldstein is proud to use this technology to get the most out of your insurance claim.

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