Seltser & Goldstein share important resources that can help consumers recover for damages to a home, commercial property or business. Review these important resources and call Seltser & Goldstein for assistance with your claim.

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a licensed professional who exclusively works for the policyholder and NEVER the insurance company. A public adjuster performs a variety of important functions, including inspecting the damaged site, taking steps to protect your property, reviewing your insurance policy and evaluating damages.

What types of damages does a public adjuster assess for homeowners?

We do a room-by-room assessment of your home to make sure we account for all your losses. We calculate damages to your home, property and personal items, as well as expenses for temporary residence and other expenses.

What types of damages does a public adjuster assess for businesses?

We consider damages to your real property, assets, inventory, lost revenue, business interruption, temporary office space and other expenses. We consult with inventory and industry experts to help us evaluate your damages accurately.

Why should I retain a public adjuster? Doesn’t my insurance company have its own adjuster?

The insurance companies have their own adjusters. However, they work for the insurance company, not for you!

Seltser & Goldstein has been guiding our clients through the claims adjustment process for more than 80 years. We represent only the interests of the policyholder and never the insurance company.

How is Seltser & Goldstein different from other public adjusters or public adjusting companies?

Unlike most other adjusters or adjusting companies, Seltser & Goldstein has represented the policyholder since 1935. We employ a family of experienced adjusters, caring staff and inventory experts that have extensive backgrounds in technology, economics and business. This professional team is most qualified to handle all aspects of your claim from start to finish.

Should I meet with my insurance company adjuster and their representatives before I retain Seltser & Goldstein?

We recommend calling Seltser & Goldstein before talking to your insurer. Based on our more than 80 years of experience, we believe that meeting with your insurance company first will more than likely lead to frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction and discontent.

Do I have to wait until workday hours to contact Seltser & Goldstein?

Seltser & Goldstein is ready to begin processing your claim right away. We are available 24/7 online or by phone at 1-800-PUB-ADJS, so you can call us at any time on any day.

Seltser & Goldstein is happy to assist you in accessing any other resources you might need as well.

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