Seltser & Goldstein has represented homeowners in storm damage claims since 1935. Our team has been on the ground after virtually every hurricane and major storm to hit the areas we serve. We know what steps you need to take to recover fully for your losses.

How to Increase Your Recovery

Hurricanes set new records almost every year. After each big storm, homeowner insurance companies become overwhelmed with claims. Delays, mistakes, undervaluation and unfair denials typically follow.

The sooner you submit your claim, the sooner you will have the resources to rebuild. However, quick should not equal hasty. Seltser & Goldstein is methodical and meticulous about assessing and valuing the full extent of your damages and we stand firm to recover your rightful settlement amount.  In order to process your claim immediately, our firm answers phone calls 24/7.

Assessing Damages

We present your insurance company with a thorough evaluation of your damages based upon:

A room-by-room assessment of your losses so you do not miss anything

Valuation of replacing your personal property at current market rate

Estimate of rebuilding your home at anticipated construction costs

Accounting for extra expenses incurred while living in temporary accommodations

Any other applicable damages

Contact Seltser & Goldstein to Recover After a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

If your home was damaged by a hurricane or tropical storm, take immediate steps to protect your right to financial recovery. Call Seltser & Goldstein first at 1-800-PUB-ADJS before you call your insurance company.