Established in 1935, Seltser & Goldstein has successfully handled more than 15,000 insurance settlements for residential and commercial claims.. We help you recover for water damages to your home and personal property resulting from burst pipes.

How We Help You Increase Recovery

A burst pipe can send water throughout your home and cause severe damage to your walls, floors and personal assets. The integrity of your home’s structure may even be compromised by water damage. If not well-dried, mold spores may grow and become a health hazard. A slow leak can cause damage over time if it goes unnoticed until too late.

To avoid delays in repairing the damage to your home and replacing your belongings, we urge you to file your claim immediately. Seltser & Goldstein draws upon our 80-year track record to assess your claim accurately and negotiate for your full compensation as soon as possible.

Complete Damage Assessment

Homeowners are often surprised at the extent of the water damages caused by a leaking or burst pipe. After assessing thousands of damage claims, Seltser & Goldstein knows what to look for and how to value the losses. We are available 24/7 so our public adjusters can assess the cost of:

Plumbing materials and labor

Reconstruction of walls damaged during leak or plumbing repairs

Replacement of damaged floors, interior walls and fixtures

Purchase of new furniture, electronics and other personal belongings

Damage to any Personal property

Temporary living accommodations and expenses

Other damages related to your burst or leaking pipe

Contact Seltser & Goldstein to Recover Damages Resulting From a Burst or Leaking Pipe

Begin recovery today if your home and personal items sustained water damage resulting from a burst pipe. Contact Seltser & Goldstein online or by phone at 1-800-PUB-ADJS to review your claim options.