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Prezza Restaurant Fire

When you get a phone call early on a Sunday morning that one of the busiest restaurants in the north end had a fire the urgency sinks immediately.  Without hesitation our staff responded to the scene to make sure all emergency services were handled correctly.  When dealing with the health inspector, building inspector a dozen employees our job is to make sure everyone has the correct answers to properly plan to go forward. 

Although the fire was very devastating our staff was involved with all major decisions and guided the whole restaurant through the repairs to open back up as quickly as possible.  Instead of focusing on loss of business income, leases, and extra expense the restaurant was able to hire contractors and get back to serving delicious food as quick as possible.


© Photo by Peter Aloisi

Featured Testimonial

Prezza Restaurant Fire

“After hearing that there was a fire in my restaurant I knew that my first call, had to be to Gary”

Serving food and wine is something that I love and have done for many years.  Knowing that my business was going to be shut down for a long period of time was a very uneasy feeling.  Seltser and Goldstein and their full staff was wonderful to deal with and allowed me to focus on my restaurant while they did everything else with the insurance company.

Thank you for always answering the call and making sure that all of the employees understood what to expect and knew how the process should be handled.


Anthony and David


American Red Cross