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MRS Property Management

Once we got on scene we met with the property management team and developed an emergency drying plan along with moisture mapping of all damaged areas.  When using moisture mapping we can first identify all wet areas and also show the insurance company in all directions that the water flowed.  Our staff explained to the condo unit owners that their personal property is not covered under the master policy but is covered under their own condo unit policy.  We worked with them to make the process as simple and took many meetings with the board and management team to make sure all damage was successfully ascertained.


© Photo by Peter Aloisi

Featured Testimonial

MRS Property Management

“Whenever a tenant or unit owner calls to report a new claim our first call is always to Seltser and Goldstein”

Over the years we have tried to handle many insurance claims on our own and the outcomes have been a long and stressful event.  It was tough for us to first trust someone else to handle the claim process because tenants and unit owners demand answers from us immediately and want to always be involved.  Hiring Seltser and Goldstein was the best decision that could make when dealing with the insurance company and the claim process.  Since they do all the legwork and handle the meetings it gives us more time to ensure a contractor is hired immediately and we get enough more to do the repairs without any type of assessment. 

We are always informed with process, so we can accurately explain the steps and stay one step ahead of any tenants or unit owners concerns.  Seltser and Goldstein is always very professional and always answers my calls for smaller questions that might not require filing a claim. 

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