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Residential House Fire

Fires can start in many different ways, but homeowners are always more concerned when it happens on a holiday weekend when they know that cant get any answers.  On a 98 Degree day on Memorial Day weekend our staff responded to ferocious fire that would not let water put it out.  The fire continued to blaze for hours and the house was ordered down immediately. 

Once hired we helped find a hotel for the family and made sure every aspect of the building was inventoried and ascertained before the building got demolished.  We understand the importance that once the building gets knocked down, our client loses the evidence needed to present a claim to the insurance company.  Our inventory team spent many hours sitting with the owners to re-create all the inventory inside since the majority was burnt out of sight.  Having a fire is a very tough and emotional situation and our job is not to just deal with the insurance company but to be by your side every step of the way.


© Photo by Peter Aloisi

Featured Testimonial

Residential House Fire

“After calling my insurance agent they immediately told me to hire a public adjuster due to the severity of the fire.  Josh was on scene right away and made sure that we understood exactly what to expect”

Thank you to the whole Seltser and Goldstein staff for everything you did for my family.  Never have reading an insurance policy before knowing that we had someone to call made the process much easier.  We got many referrals to your company but were even happier than expected and really appreciate all your hard work.


American Red Cross