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What are Additional Living Expenses? (ALE)

What are Additional Living Expenses? (ALE)

A majority of homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for additional living expenses (ALE) incurred as the result of a covered peril. Additional Living Expenses (ALE) serve the purpose of reimbursing the policyholder for expenses that are above normal household living expenses in order to maintain your normal standard of living. While some homeowner insurance policies have no limit for ALE coverage, others may limit the ALE coverage to a certain percentage of the dwelling coverage. The insurance company will pay for the shortest time required to repair or replace the damage,

Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?

Couldn’t you just handle your insurance claim on your own? Well, you could. But you could do better by hiring a public adjuster. Here’s why.

1. Experience

Public adjusters are professionals who understand the policies and procedures for recovering insurance claims. Seltser & Goldstein has guided families and businesses through insurance claims for 82 years. We know exactly what needs to be done and have the resources to help you handle your claim quickly and thoroughly.

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