Storm Damage

Storms can wreak havoc on your home with their strong winds, rain, hail and even freezing temperatures.

At Seltser & Goldstein, we pride ourselves on being skillful negotiators when dealing with your insurance company and their associates, providing you with an unsurpassed advantage right from the start.

No matter what issues, concerns or questions arise during the adjustment process,
Seltser & Goldstein Public Adjusters Inc. will be by your side every step of the way because “We Care.”

Education, experience, and knowledge are what make us the difference between getting you what the insurance company thinks you should get and what you truly deserve.

Since 1935, our licensed public adjusters have negotiated all types of windstorm claims, experience that allows us to be one step ahead of the competition. For example, we know that wind damage to a shingle roof can lead to water damage in another part of your house, and the solution might not be cut and dry. Our skilled team of qualified expert damage appraisers, inventory specialists and construction supervisors will make sure that all the damage is accounted for.

Need help with roof damage? Click here.

Get the settlement and service you deserve.

Seltser & Goldstein Public Adjusters Inc., your premier Massachusetts public adjusters since 1935. “We Care”


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