Water Damage


The team at Seltser & Goldstein Public Adjusters Inc. is quite experienced in dealing with all sorts of water damage. Navigating through your insurance policy and tracing the source of the leak can be emotionally draining and time consuming. Our expert staff will make sure that your property and structures are cleaned properly, because we understand how valuable and important your belongings are.

During the cold winter months, water damage is especially common. Frigid temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze, which in turn leads to major damage in your home. The pipes’ materials can expand when the water inside freezes, causing ruptures and cuts. Once a frozen pipe bursts, the ice thaws and the water will begin flowing — which is never good news for your carpets, furniture, drywall and the rest of your home.

“Having just suffered a major water loss to the property that we manage and seeing the volume of water escaping from the sprinkler lines, my thought was, ‘What am I going to do now?”

Knowing that you hired a professional team to inventory and catalog all of your damages will make things less stressful.

Water damage claims can be tricky enough without having to handle multiple meetings and negotiations in addition to reading your insurance policy and spending weeks inventorying your damage. Our Massachusetts public adjusters will do what we have done since 1935: work solely for you and never your insurance company. For generations we have handled Massachusetts water damage claims from start to finish, and we will make sure that no details are missed.

Get the settlement and service you deserve.

Seltser & Goldstein Public Adjusters Inc., your premier Massachusetts public adjusters since 1935. “We Care.”


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