The Advantages of our Professional Public Adjusting Services

SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN pride themselves as skillful negotiators when dealing with your insurance company and their associates, providing you with an unsurpassed advantage right from the start.

No matter what issues, concerns or questions that arise during the adjustment process, SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, INC., will be by your side every step of the way. “We Care.”

Here are just some of the benefits when hiring SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, INC.

  • Detailed room by room analysis of your damaged and destroyed property
  • Access to expert real estate appraisers, as well as access to numerous personal property appraisers for your antiques, artifacts, art work, and collectibles
  • Comprehensive dwelling, building, and structural evaluation, assessment and valuation
  • Dwelling, building and structural diagrams and floor plans set to scale
  • Digital photographing of your damages
  • Attend every meeting with your insurance company adjuster and their representatives


Handle all Board-Up and Emergency Services

SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN will, upon being retained by you, immediately arrange to secure your property, under the terms of your policy, to protect it from further damages and unauthorized entry.


Evaluate Your Insurance Policy

SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN will examine with you, your insurance policy and explain the applicable coverages, endorsements and terms of your insuring agreement as it relates to your loss and damages.


Substantiate the Value of Your Loss

SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN, its employees and associates, extensively researches, describes and reconstructs every aspect of your dwelling, building and structural damages, setting forth values for the damages according to current costs and applicable codes and laws.

Further we take great pride in developing and assessing costs associated with your claim for the business and personal property damages, as well as establish your expenditures and expenses for your additional living expenses and business income and/or business interruption claims, and any other coverages afforded to you under your insurance policy.


Claim Presentation

Upon completion of evaluating, assessing and setting forth values to the damages, SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN will present and support our itemized claim presentation to your insurance company’s adjuster and their associates.


Final Settlement

We at SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, INC., believe that preparation is the key to success and having an organization of experienced adjusters, inventory experts, with IT, economic and business background, as well as a caring staff, we stand ready to resolving your claim with the utmost expertise, knowledge, insight, persistence and compassion; this has been the hallmark of our company since 1935


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