What Is A Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed professional that exclusively works for the policyholder and NEVER the insurance company. A Public Adjuster inspects the loss site, arranges to have your property protected, reviews your insurance policy, evaluates all dwelling, building, structural, business and personal property damages as well as assess the concerns for your loss of business income, business interruption and additional living expenses.

Why should I retain a Public Adjuster? Doesn’t my insurance company have their own adjuster?

Yes, the insurance companies have their own adjuster, but they are working for the insurance company, not for you!

The obvious advantages of retaining a Public Adjuster is that we represent only the interest of the policyholder and never the insurance company. And at SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, INC., we’ve been doing this for over 75 years.

How is SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, INC., different from other public adjusters or public adjusting companies?

SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, INC., is different from other public adjusters or public adjusting companies, because unlike most other adjusters or adjusting companies, we’ve been representing the policyholder since 1935.

We employ a family of experienced adjusters, inventory experts, with IT, economic, and business backgrounds, as well as a caring staff who are most qualified to handle all aspects of your claim from start to finish.

Our team works tirelessly to evaluate your damages and to represent your best interest. With our personalized and hands-on approach, you, your family and your business are in good hands from the beginning to the end of your adjustment.

The success of SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN is best told by our clients, that is why our reputation and name continues to grow on the strength of our years of experience and the confidence our clients have shown us for over 75 years.

Should I meet with my insurance company adjuster and their representatives before I retain SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, INC.?

It is our opinion, based on over 75 years of experience, that meeting with your insurance company and their representatives without the services of SELTSER & GOLDSTEIN PUBLIC ADJUSTERS, INC., as your advocate, activist and adjusting firm, will more than likely result in frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction, and discontent, all at the behest of your insurance company.


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