Commercial Damage

When disaster strikes, our business is to make sure yours gets back up and running.

As a property manager, I was shocked with the lack of direction I received from my insurance company and their adjuster. Truth be told, when I was told to read my insurance policy, I felt so belittled and unimportant that I could sense that something wasn’t quite right.”

A claim to your commercial property or business, if not handled correctly, can be financially devastating. That’s where Seltser & Goldstein, your go-to Massachusetts and New Hampshire commercial claims adjuster service, comes in. After informing your insurance carrier of the loss, our expert team will ascertain all damages that you have suffered. Commercial property damage can be found within ceilings, walls, floors and any built-in mechanical devices.

When hiring Seltser & Goldstein Public adjusters Inc., our team will handle all aspects of your claim and inventory all damages you have suffered.

When you hire a public adjuster, you are retaining a professional to estimate all damages and independently prepare, present and negotiate your claim to maximize your settlement. Extra expenses and/or business interruption is a vital part of your policy that our staff has years of extensive training and experience dealing with. When hiring Seltser & Goldstein’s public adjusters to negotiate your claim, you will feel at ease knowing that someone is solely representing your interests.

Get the settlement and service you deserve.

Seltser & Goldstein Public Adjusters Inc., your premier Massachusetts public adjusters since 1935. “We Care”


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